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Board Royale Survival Evolved Big Box


Experience the Ultimate Survival with Battle Royale Card Game

  • 2-6 Players are competing against each other to become the last one standing on The Island! Gather resources, craft items, negotiate, trade, and backstab others. Become the Ultimate Survivor.
  • Survival Evolved Edition includes 5 Expansion Pack that is chosen for you besides the Base Game:

    • Wild Hunt,
    • Skills 2,
    • Missions,
    • NSFW.

  • In Board Royale, you can use your wit just as much as your weapons. Offer other players deals they can't refuse, create an uprising against other players, and backstab those who trust you. All kinds of trades are allowed, so you can even offer to do someone's dishes in exchange for them not attacking you. The only limit is your imagination. How will you survive?

  • Each expansion pack can be mixed with each other for different experiences and they are compatible with each other.